Babysitter and Nanny Websites in the Bay Area

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nanny babysitter san francisco marinYou probably started your childcare search looking for Mary Poppins… and soon realized you might have to settle for Mrs. Doubtfire (or even worse, Adam Sandler in Big Daddy!).

Finding high quality, reliable childcare is one of the biggest challenges many new parents face. However, having a nanny or babysitter you are excited to leave your child with can make a huge difference for your sanity as a parent. We’ve reviewed the different websites and services in the Bay Area that can help you find this special person to care for your children.

Get going, check the babysitter search off your list and move on to planning date night!


Our Guide to Nanny & Babysitter Websites

  • Description: UrbanSitter is an online resource where parents can find and book babysitters recommended by people they know. Search sitters by date and time, book jobs, and even pay online.
  • Background: Founded in 2010 by four San Francisco parents.
  • Used for: Occasional sitters, full or part time nannies and last minute help.
  • What makes it different: UrbanSitter helps parents find babysitter recommended by people they know through Facebook, mothers’ groups, schools and other affiliations.
  • Cost: Free to search, post jobs and view babysitter profiles. $14.95 per month or $99.95 per year to interview and hire babysitters.
  • Mobile app: Yes
  • Description: SitterCity connects families with in-home care by allowing parents to post jobs and search for caregivers.
  • Background: Founded in 2001.
  • Used for: Babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, senior care.
  • What makes it different? SitterCity is not just limited to babysitters and nannies; it also helps families find pet care, after school tutoring, eldercare and more. Sittercity also does background and identity checks for caregivers listed on their site.
  • Cost: Free for viewing sitter messages and posting limited jobs. $35 per month or $140 per year for contacting sitters, running background checks, reading parent reviews and posting unlimited jobs.
  • Mobile app: No
  • Description: Care is an online web portal for helping families and caregivers connect in a reliable and easy way. It allows families to post jobs and search for caregivers via zip code, special skills, education and more.
  • Background: Founded in 2006 (went public in 2014).
  • Used for: Babysitters, nannies, senior care, pet care and home care.
  • What makes it different: Not just limited to babysitters and nannies; also allows families to find pet care, home care and senior care. Also includes Breedlove, the nation’s largest nanny payroll firm.
  • Cost: Basic Membership is free and allows families to view and post jobs. Premium Members pay $37 per month or $147 per year to view contact details and make contact with caregivers, purchase background checks, and access references.
  • Mobile app: Yes
  • Description: Wondersitter goes to great lengths to qualify and represent only the absolute best care givers, therefore eliminating the challenges of finding qualified reliable child care.
  • Background: Founded by a San Francisco mom in 2005.
  • Used for: On-call childcare.
  • What makes it different: Wondersitter uses a 7 step vetting process to qualify caregivers including resume and reference checks, interviews, personality assessments and Trustline background checks.
  • Cost: $15 booking fee (plus Wondersitter hourly rate)
  • Mobile app: No
Town + Country
  • Description: Town + Country is the largest domestic employee placement and referral agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. It also provides background & reference checks, payroll & tax services.
  • What makes it different: Professional team will search for caregivers based on your needs, screen candidates, check references and provide background checks.
  • Background: Founded over 25 years ago.
  • Used for: Nannies, back-up childcare, baby nurses, family assistants, housekeepers and more.
  • Cost: One-time, non-refundable $250 registration fee plus 18%-25% of gross annualized compensation for full and part time nannies and baby nurses. See details here.
  • Mobile app: No
Mothers’ Clubs
  • Description: Many Bay Area parents join local mom’s clubs, such as Golden Gate Mothers Group (GGMG) and Southern Marin Mothers’ Club (SMMC), for access to babysitter and nanny recommendations (as well as other benefits like playgroups and events). These clubs often have online forums specifically for caregiver recommendations. Members must do their own background and reference checks.
  • Used for: Finding regular babysitters, full and part time nannies and daycare.
  • What makes them different: These clubs aren’t specifically for finding caregivers, but many parents do feel a level of trust because they are getting recommendations from other members. In addition, parents also use these clubs for daycare and preschool recommendations.
  • Cost: Included in membership fees, which are typically $50-75 per year.
  • Mobile app: Many mom’s clubs are run on BigTent, which has a mobile app available.


Any other favorite website for finding babysitters or nannies? Let us know in the comments below!

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